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  • Undetected EFT Cheats With Aimbot, ESP, Wallhacks, And More!

    Experience an edge in Escape From Tarkov with our top-tier EFT cheats. Elevate your gameplay with Powerwolf advanced aimbot hack and ESP features. Play smarter, not harder.

  • Silent Aimbot & Aimbot
    Here at STERN, we've elevated our Escape from Tarkov mods to new heights. Our Tarkov aimbot is a cut above, designed for pinpoint precision and undetectability. It includes a silent aim feature, enabling you to zero in on foes without attracting attention. Plus, with our smoothing options, your actions appear totally fluid and natural. There's an adjustable FOV circle as well, allowing you to control the reach of your aimbot. And when things get intense, our aim acceleration turns the tide, making every moment in Tarkov a thrilling experience.




    Speed Hack

    Should you find your character lacking speed, the velocity boost is your solution. This tool allows you to swiftly traverse from point A to point B in an instant, seamlessly seeking cover in distant spaces. If you crave a rapid Escape from Tarkov experience, this cheat is tailor-made for you. The speedhack empowers you to swiftly eliminate multiple enemies, allowing your teammates to assert dominance over the territory.


    Infinite Stamina

    Undetected infinite stamina for escape from tarkov, no fatigue, infite oxygen, perfect functions. This is a perfect function to simplify and go faster in the games without this tiring.


    Night Vision

    Don’t forget to turn on the night vision cheat too, as this cheat will make sure that the darkness of dimly lit areas are illuminated for your eyes only. You won’t have a problem seeing exactly where you need to go clearly.



    Experience heightened awareness with our ESP Hack in Escape from Tarkov. This cheat provides an extra layer of perception, enabling you to navigate the war-torn landscapes with unparalleled ease. Enemy positions and special item locations are revealed instantly, eliminating the need for a time-consuming search. With features like Box and Skeleton ESP, every location becomes a potential safe haven, giving you a home field advantage regardless of the battlefield.


    They allow players to see through walls, as well as show them the available quest locations for quick loots. Here are some of the main classifications found under the EFT Cheats:

    • Grenades ESP allows the user to see all enemy grenades thrown at them
    • Directional ESP shows the enemy’s current direction of motion.
    • Explosives ESP allows players to see all explosive devices and their relative classifications.
    • Create ESP which shows the player where they can locate all available creates.
    • Bullet Tracking ESP plots a virtual path for all bullets after the layer makes a kill shot.
    • Corpse ESP keeps track of all dead players (possible to see the loot inside corpse).
    • Keycard ESP keeps track of all spawn locations for keycards.
    • Loot Inside Pockets ESP displays all items found in corpse pockets.
    • Loot Inside Object ESP displays items inside lootable objects before they can be opened. 
    • Extractions ESP which keeps track of all extraction points or strategic exits. 



    Why Choose STERN?

    We only release the highest quality EFT hack on the market which is exhaustively tested against all known detection alghoritms. That gives you the confidence and peace of mind using our products without getting your account suspended or banned. Our product provides you with the most useful features and functions that guarantee the accuracy, increased awareness, and speed in all situations of the game, all which will give you an edge over the competition.

    if you aspire to become an Escape from Tarkov champion, then STERN is your ultimate choice. Our Tarkov cheats are very strong, undetected. They operate seamlessly, ensuring a secure gaming experience by avoiding bans. Crafted to go undetected by anti-cheat software, STERN's cheats give you the upper hand, leaving opponents clueless about what just transpired. With these hacks, you dictate the gameplay, allowing you to play according to your style rather than being dictated by the most skilled player or the game's rules.


    STERN places the outcome of every match in your hands, eliminating frustration, losses, and mistakes. Ultimately, having fun is the top priority, and our EFT hacks empower you to take control of the enjoyment. If you find the competitive Tarkov scene challenging, these cheats are your optimal solution to make a name for yourself on the tough streets of Tarkov.

    Sternclient is known to be the industry's best provider of Escape From Tarkov Hacks, Fortnite Hacks, DayZ Hacks and many others.


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