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  • Improve your gameplay with War Thunder Hacks Cheats Aimbot

    War Thunder is one of the most popular fighting games in the world. This makes it a very competitive game, with seasoned players giving newbies a hard time. However, you can improve your gameplay with War Thunder hacks and cheats.


    War Thunder Hacks
    War thunder cheats became hard in 2019 after adding the Easy-anti-Cheat system into the game. As a result, developers had to hack the Easy-anti-Cheat to continue using cheats. The most common war thunder hacks in the market today include the following:


    WarThunder Hack ESP
    War thunder hack ESP is an additional feature of the war thunder wallhack that gives you more information about the opponents. It allows you to view your foes as colored 3D boxes.


    WarThunder Aimbot

    The War thunder Aimbot has all the features to help you win ground, naval, or Aerial battles. 

    War Thunder Aimbot also features Lock on, Prediction, Smoothness, and Visibility check features.

    Penetration Indicator

    This is a tool that helps players assess the likelihood of penetrating enemy armor with their shots. When enabled, it typically displays a colored indicator on the crosshair, showing the chance of penetrating the targeted tank's armor at the point where you're aiming. Green usually means a high chance of penetration, yellow is moderate, and red indicates low penetration probability.

    Tank Glow

    Tank glow is a visual effect that highlights enemy vehicles, making them more visible on the battlefield. This feature can be particularly useful in spotting enemy tanks in various lighting conditions or when they are partially obscured by terrain.


    Aim Prediction

    This is a system that helps players anticipate where their shots will land based on the movement of their target. In aerial combat, predicting the future position of an enemy aircraft is crucial for accurate aiming. The built-in air prediction is a default system that provides a prediction indicator to assist players in leading their shots.

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