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Join Refferal System and start earn money with your phone

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With our affiliate system, anyone can start earning money with an Ethernet connection and a phone


AFFILIATE PANEL: https://sternshop.mysellix.io/customer/auth
How does it work?

- You will be able to generate a link for each of our products, for example: FORTNITE, APEX LEGENDS or any other product. Made YouTube and TikTok videos, share the links with your friends, each person who buys a product with your link will earn you 30% of the subscription purchased. (For example if someone buys FORTNITE LIFETIME with your link, you directly earn €50).

With our affiliate program you will be able to monetize your community and earn money.



1. Enter your mail


2. Valid 2FA Code (code in your mail) -> if not get, please check SPAM FOLDER


3.  Copy affiliate link

(Image 1) Here you can get an affiliate link for the entire store.

(Image 2) You can get an affiliate link for a specific product.


3. Promote your link

To promote your affiliate link you can make YouTube videos and put your link in the description. You can also make tiktok and put the link in Biography.

(You can record your own videos with the cheat, or directly download videos from YouTube and post them again by editing them). You can also share the link on discord, forums or others by promoting it using photos of our software.

It's up to you to find the best method to attract traffic.

The rule is simple, the more you sell, the more you will earn


4.  Observe your money and your sales

- Here you can see the software sold


- Here you can see your money in real time


5.  Collect Money

All affiliate payments will be processed every MONDAY.

You can request the money in cryptocurrencies / bank account



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