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Enable Virtualisation

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To prepare for loading Stern software, ensure virtualization is enabled, open Task Manage:


If virtualization is disabled, you need to access the BIOS, and:

For Intel CPUs:

 -   Activate VT-X in BIOS (Virtualization Technology/VMX).

 -   Activate VT-D in BIOS.


 -   Activate SVM in BIOS (Secure Virtual Machine/Virtualization Technology/VMX)

 -   Activate IOMMU in BIOS. (Note: IOMMU/VT-D may appear as I/O Virtualization)

If you cannot locate these settings in your BIOS, be sure to enable advanced mode (F7,F2 or F12). It's also possible that your BIOS firmware needs updating. Please proceed with updating it.




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