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  • As a reminder, our services provide electronic, virtual intangible goods and therefore we do not offer refunds. It is important to make sure that the subscription you are going to purchase is the right choice for you before making the purchase. Once the payment is completed, you will no longer be eligible for any refunds.
  • Any unauthorized use of funds for payment, fraudulent payments, or attempts to chargeback or deny payments to your account will result in your account being instantly disabled, or permanently terminated, and legal action will be taken.
  • Our products may be detected/discontinued at any time, you, the user, assume this risk and no refunds will be issued.


  • In conclusion, your bank might not accept a refund request based on the legal agreement (terms of service) you accepted at the point of purchase, which clearly stipulates that refunds are not available once the payment is processed for digital goods. Always review the terms and conditions of any service before making a purchase to understand your rights and obligations.
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